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Top 5 Types Of Feminism

By examining different types of feminism, people get an idea of the limits of feminism that have emerged since the 1960s and how their different perspectives respond to genocide and power issues.

Liberal Feminism

Such feminism works within the framework of mainstream society to integrate women and make them more accountable for women’s individual rights, but it is the system itself or the ideology behind women’s oppression Doesn’t challenge directly. The sympathy movement is an example.

Radical Feminism:

Fundamentalist feminism considers the most basic element of oppression and barbarism against women – cutting off men and people from racism to culture, caste and class. It calls into question the system and ideology behind women’s subjugation. The term often refers to the movements of women from other civil rights, peace and freedom movements when people were increasingly questioning the various forms of oppression and power. Fundamentalist feminists, who seek to understand the roots of women’s subjugation, have provided a great theoretical understanding that is the basis for the movement and analysis that guides women’s movements around the world.

Black Feminism:

The school of thought that argues that sexism, class oppression, gender identity and racism are intertwined. The term intersection principle was first coined in 1989 by legal scholar Kimberly Crane Shaw. In her work, Kreinsha discusses black feminism, arguing that the experience of being a black woman cannot be understood in terms of being black or being a woman. Each concept is understood independently, but it must also include interactions, which often reinforce each other. However, the Collective River argued in 1974 that the emancipation of black women gave freedom to all people because it would require the elimination of racism, sexism and class oppression.

Marxist and Socialist Feminism:

Marxist and Socialist Feminism is one of the types of feminism Feminist rights based on Marxist and socialist analysis attributes the oppression of women primarily to the capitalist economic system, where global corporate power dominates. Many other feminists believe that this form of visible power in the class system is an important factor in the subjugation of women, but see patriarchal power as a major force behind the subjugation of women.

Cultural Feminism:

Cultural rights emphasize the essential differences between men and women in terms of women’s biology, personality and behaviour. Women have different and superior qualities that provide a basis for shared identity, solidarity and bravery. Since women are by nature seen as more gentle and gentle than men, then it is clear that the world would be a better place if women were in power. In the 1960s and ’70s, some women supported the idea of creating a separate culture for women only.


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